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We are S.O.S.

Sagacity Operations Solutions strives to provide complete operational advising and solutions with an empowered team that promotes continued success for growing businesses.

S.O.S. is an internationally-operating partnership of professionals in compliance, technology, business intelligence and operations. We have joined forces to fulfill the market's need for closely integrated and collaborative back-of-office services. We can enhance operational performance through data-driven processes, strategies and best practices.

We have 80+ years of combined experience finding solutions to (un)common problems in education, high-tech, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, financial and energy industry segments. We are a highly diverse team with both breadth and depth in our professional portfolios. As an internationally distributed company we operate remote teams routinely and effectively, and are well-versed in best-sourcing operations.


Meet Our Team


Michelle Isherwood

Head of Compliance and Privacy

Michelle is co-founder of S.O.S. and leads its Compliance and Privacy team. Michelle has over 20 years of experience in compliance, government and program audit, privacy and process review and development..

Prior to founding S.O.S., Michelle worked in compliance and regulatory positions in highly regulated industries such as higher education, healthcare and finance. She also worked for the United States Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General and the State of Nevada, Governor’s Finance Office conducting audits of government agencies. Michelle has a Master’s in Business Administration from Illinois Institute of Technology, and a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law. Michelle is licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Michelle and her husband and her two furbabies live in Reno, Nevada. She is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and serves as an At Large member on the International Executive Board. She also serves as a board member for CARE Chest of Sierra Nevada.


Natasha Dalzell-Martinez,

Head of Business Operations and Strategy Development

Natasha is co-founder of S.O.S. and its Head of Business Operations and Strategy Development. She has over 20 years of deep experience in many aspects of business operations including human resources, marketing, compliance, legal, project management, etc.

Prior to S.O.S., Natasha held management positions focused on commercial and compliance operations, as well as research and analysis of business processes. A large part of her career has been spent in highly regulated industries such as healthcare tech and education. She has worked for Ellipsis Health, Apollo Group, Applied Materials and has both broad and deep operational experience. Natasha holds degrees from UC Berkeley, Universidad de Madrid, NYU and UCLA.


Dorothy Koch

Head of Business Research and Competitive Intelligence

Dorothy is co-founder of S.O.S., overseeing the Business Research and Competitive Intelligence team. Dorothy loves a good mystery, and thrives on going down the rabbit hole to uncover difficult-to-find insights and information.

Prior to S.O.S., Dorothy created a Competitive Intelligence role at the University of Phoenix, delivering the information needed to inform strategic decisions and remain agile in an ever-changing industry. She established the process of gathering internal data to ensure consistent messaging, a substantiation process that greatly reduced the number of misrepresentation investigations against the university, and a data-driven assessment process for program planning and evaluation. Dorothy holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Baltimore and an M.A. in linguistics from San Francisco State University.

Currently residing in Washington, DC, Dorothy serves meals to the homeless in downtown DC, frequently runs the National Mall, and works on jigsaw puzzles while listening to true crime podcasts.


E. Robert Bonsen

CTO, Head InfoSec and Technology Strategy

Robert is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of S.O.S., he leads both the Information Security and the Technology Strategy and Development teams. He has decades of experience in science and technology roles, from deep implementation to high-level management, from software to hardware to services. He has worked in a variety of industries on commercial, medical, aeronautical, military and educational applications, from startups to multinational corporations.

Prior to Sagacity, Robert worked at the CTO level for startups and growing companies, and held strategic and management roles as a technical and regulatory expert for large corporations. He holds graduate degrees in applied physics, business, electrical engineering and computer science. He's a technical expert in the electromagnetic engineering field from DC to light.


Tyler Jensen

Head of Analytics and Pricing Strategies

Tyler is the Head of Analytics and Pricing Strategies. Tyler has extensive experience as an analytics and finance consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in transforming their business into a competitive force within their industry.

Prior to S.O.S., Tyler held positions in analytics and pricing strategies in the healthcare and energy sectors. Within these highly regulated industries, Tyler leveraged analytics to develop business strategies to optimize operational revenue, developed financial and pricing models, and served as a subject-matter expert when working with regulators. Tyler has a Master's of Economics degree focused on Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Tyler currently resides in Reno, Nevada with his wife and supports multiple philanthropic organizations in the Greater Reno Area.


Our Services

Compliance and Privacy Solutions

Our Compliance and Privacy group can provide guidance, create strategies and programs, and design policies to ensure your company stays compliant in a highly regulated environment. We will work with your leadership and staff to create a regulatory strategy that will allow you to conduct your business in a compliant manner. We can help you create a strategy that will ensure compliance with HIPAA, Truth in Lending, FTC regulations surrounding truth in advertising, etc. We can serve as your company’s Privacy Officer and ensure adherence to both state and federal privacy regulations.

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Business Research and Competitive Intelligence

Our Business Research and Competitive Intelligence group is dedicated to operationalizing business research and competitive intelligence functions within a marketing or legal organization. We will work with your team to create and implement data-driven processes to monitor competitive activity and assess program and product offerings, delivering the insights needed to inform strategic decisions about product development, market entry, and partnerships.

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Process Review and Development

Effective processes will ensure that your company can operate efficiently. We will work with your team to review your current operations processes and implement best practices that will ensure compliance and allow your company to grow. We can create standard operating procedures to facilitate many aspects of your business including human resources, marketing, compliance, legal, project management, etc.

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Startups are often focused on getting to market with a minimum viable product and have a technical staff optimized accordingly. Investors, however, require a bigger-picture view on the tech, the product and the product market fit, so for a growing company to be successful, C-suite level technologists and management are needed. S.O.S. can provide part-time and full-time technology development assistance with a focus on building a technical team ready for the big leagues, and big investments.

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Product Compliance

Product Compliance, for both hardware and software focused products in a variety of industries, is a discipline bridging product development/engineering and compliance/legal. Sagacity can provide product compliance strategy development and implementation assistance as well as design and engineering assistance at the product level. We are experienced in most highly regulated industries.

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Information Security Solutions

In the modern world, successful businesses incorporate Information Security into their operational DNA. Information security policies, closely integrated with Legal and Compliance and customer requirements, must be developed, bespoke to the organization and its processes, Sagacity provides Information security solutions from design to implementation, from integration with third parties to auditing, for your business. For growing businesses in highly regulated industries we can function as your independent CISO or CIO.

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Analytics Translation and Pricing Strategies

Properly leveraging product and customer analytics elevates operations in every department of a Company. S.O.S. will work with your team to improve operations through data-translation and data-driven decisions that will allow your Company to refocus operations, price products effectively within your target market, and improve financial forecasting models.

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